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School District #62 (Sooke)

No.: C-200
Effective: Mar. 8/83
Revised: Mar. 24/87
            May 23/89


A.      Definition of Students With Special Needs

        A student with special needs deviates from the average or normal child in mental, physical, social or emotional characteristics to such an extent that
        he/she requires a modification of school practices in order to develop his/her maximum potential.

B.      Special Programs
        All special education programs in School District No. 62 will meet the Ministry of Education guidelines found in the publication "Special Programs: A Manual of Policy,
        Procedures and Guidelines".

C.      School_Based Team

        Each school shall have a school-based team. The composition of the team may vary from time to time, but will normally consist of an administrator, the Learning
        Assistance teacher and a school counsellor. The school nurse, the referring teacher and other appropriate resource personnel will be included as necessary.

D.      Referral Process for Identifying Special Needs Children

        To the extent possible, it is desirable for school teams to meet with parents/guardians as quickly as possible to discuss any issues of concern related to their child that          may lead to a designation under Ministry of Education criteria.

        Students who appear to require special services and who have not been previously diagnosed, shall be referred to the school-based team. Those students for       whom services cannot be provided using school-based resources shall then be referred to district-level Special Services personnel after parental consent has         been received.

E.      Assessment of Special Needs Children

        District-level Special Services personnel will respond to a completed referral by making an appointment to consult with school staff members and to observe and/or test
        the referred student.

F.      Reporting to Parents/Guardians

        Results must be interpreted to the parents as soon as possible. Written results and recommendations shall be made available. Refer to Policy C-220 for details.

G.      Parental Conference

        A conference to discuss the results of the assessment shall be arranged by the principal or designate and shall involve the appropriate referring personnel. Program
        planning, placement or follow-up procedures will be the result of this meeting.

Services to Students With Special Needs

H.      Placement of Special Needs Children

        (a)     The placement of each student shall be based on the entry/exit criteria for the recommended program. Teachers concerned shall be advised as early as possible
                 when special needs students are identified so tha the teacher may be involved in the consultation prior to placement. Such consultation will address class size
                 and/or composition, resource requirements, provision of aide time and in-service training/professional development.

        (b)     Transportation will be provided for students who can not attend their regular home school.

        Where special programs are located in regular school buildings, students in those programs should have access to the facilities and the services available in that

I.      Appeal Process

        Any dispute over the placement of special needs students or over the appropriateness of the child's program shall be resolved in the following manner:

        Step 1
        At the classroom level involving the parents and the classroom teacher.

        Step 2
        At the school level involving parents, classroom teacher and the school-based team.

        Step 3
        At the district level involving parents, classroom teacher, school principal, appropriate district resource personnel and the Director of Special Education.

        Step 4
        By a committee established by the Board of School Trustees.

        Step 5
         By the full Board of School Trustees.