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School District #62 (Sooke)

No.:  D-121
Effective:  April 28/09
Revised:  Feb. 23/10  


The purpose of this policy and procedure is to ensure the greatest possible level of safety for students and staff with regard to animals on School District property and in school buildings.

In general, animals are not allowed to be on School District property.  This general prohibition includes domestic dogs, cats, birds, and other pets, and especially applies to potentially dangerous exotic animals.

Some exceptions may be allowed, only with the prior approval of the Principal, and could include:

  • Vision, hearing and service dogs.
  • Police dogs under the control of a police officer.
  • Pets for show-and-tell.
  • Small pets kept in classrooms under the supervision and care of a teacher.
  • A demonstration at a school assembly.
Prior to allowing animals in schools or classrooms, steps are to be taken to ensure that students and employees are not allergic to the presence of these animals, that the animals will present no physical danger to students or employees, and that the animals are free from any disease or parasites.  Prior to introducing any animals into classrooms and using animals as part of the educational program, teachers shall make all efforts to ensure that students receive instruction in the proper care and handling of animals.

Owners of animals will be responsible for the safe and sanitary removal of their pet’s excrement from buildings and grounds.

Venomous snakes and insects will not be allowed on School District property or in school buildings without the written consent of the Principal who will be satisfied that they are caged and present no safety issues.