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School District #62 (Sooke)

No.: E-101
Effective: Apr. 24/01


The Board of School Trustees acknowledges the Board’s responsibility to contribute to the personal safety and security of the students and adults working in its schools.

It is expected that all individuals (i.e. adults and students) will treat each other with respect and courtesy and conduct themselves in a manner that will promote safety and security for all. Adult behaviour is governed by the School Act, District policies and regulations and contractual agreements. Student behaviour is governed by the School Act and District policies and regulations.

It is the policy of the School District to foster and maintain a safe working environment for all students, staff and parents through the implementation of effective measures to deal with violence in schools. These measures include the development of school-based codes of conduct, the establishment of preventative procedures, the provision of appropriate early intervention procedures and the administration of the School Act and School Board policies with respect to student and intruder conduct as well as application of any Federal or Provincial legislation pertaining to the safety and security of our schools.


School Act, Section 6(1)(2)                    Duties of Students
School Act, Section 75(1)(4)(8)              Provision of Educational Program
School Act, Section 76(3)                      Conduct
School Act, Section 85(2)(c)(i)(ii)(iii)       Power and Capacity of Board
School Act, Section 85(2)(d)                  Power and Capacity of Board
School Act, Section 177(1)(2)(3)(4)         Maintenance of Order
Regulation 4(1)(b)(c)(f)                         Duties of Teachers
Regulation 5(7)(g)                                Powers and Duties of Administrative Officers