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School District #62 (Sooke)

No.: E-112
Effective: May 26/98


In accordance with the School Regulation under the School Act, the Board of School Trustees expects the principal of a school to be responsible for administering and supervising the school including the general conduct of students, both on school premises and during activities that are off school premises and that are organized or sponsored by the school. It expects teachers to provide such assistance as the principal considers necessary, and as specified in their collective agreement, for the supervision of students on school premises and at school functions, whenever and wherever held.

Therefore, it is the policy of the Board of School Trustees that supervision of students is the responsibility of school based administration with the assistance of teachers, except in cases where such duties have been assigned to others by means of contractual or other written agreements. The Board expects that school based administration or teachers who require or allow students to remain at school after normal school hours will be responsible for the supervision of those students, whether personally or by agreement with another school based administrator or teacher. In a specific instance, and by clear agreement with an administrative officer or teacher, a non-teaching staff member may voluntarily assume that responsibility if he or she is able to exercise adequate supervision within the course of his or her regular duties.

In situations where the safety or security of students may be compromised as the result of no action being taken, all district staff are expected to make reasonable efforts to ensure the safety and security of the students until other appropriate persons become available.