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School District #62 (Sooke)

No.: E-118
Effective: Jan. 14/97
Revised:  Oct. 28/08


To meet the requirement of the Criminal Records Review Act and the Board Policy the following shall apply:


Criminal record reviews will be done for all employees who possess a teaching certificate.  Although teachers have a criminal record review done at the time of certification with the British Columbia College of Teachers, the legislation requires that a criminal record review be done at the time the employee is hired.  As there can be a gap between the time of hire and the date on which the College does the criminal records review for its purposes, the Human Resources Department will require all newly hired teachers to provide a Criminal Record Check Authorization form at the time of hire.

All Other Non-Teaching Employees or Contracted Persons

All non-teaching employees or contracted persons must provide the employer with a signed Criminal Record Check Authorization form.

General Information Applicable to All Employees

The School District Human Resources Department will be responsible for ensuring that all employees receive and subsequently return the Criminal Record Check Authorization forms.

If an employee does not provide a signed Criminal Record Check Authorization form as required, the employee must not work with children.  If the employee is found to be at risk to children through the criminal record check review process, then the employee’s employment may be terminated by the district.

All criminal record reviews will be renewed for every employee every five years as per the Criminal Records Review Act.  Human Resources will conduct these reviews for non-teaching staff.  The five-year renewal will be done by the College for all teaching staff.

All criminal record check reviews must be done prior to the employee starting work unless the employee will be continuously supervised.  New hires cannot submit previous criminal checks as they must be dated for the time that the employee is hired to the district to meet legislative requirements.

New Convictions or Outstanding Charges

If an employee is charged with or convicted of a relevant offence subsequent to a criminal record check, the employee must promptly report the charge or conviction to their employer and provide the employer (Human Resource Department) with a signed Criminal Record Check Authorization form.

When the employer becomes aware that an employee has an outstanding charge for, or has been convicted of, a relevant offence, the employer must require the employee to provide a signed Criminal Record Check Authorization form for a further criminal record check.

If the employee is found to be a risk to children the employment of the individual may be terminated by the district.