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School District #62 (Sooke)

No.: E-140
Effective: May 27/86
Revised: June 24/97


1.  It is the task of administration to determine if an employee's absenteeism has become a problem.

2.  If a particular employee's absenteeism record appears excessive, the administrator/supervisor will meet with the employee. Discussion with the employee should address the reason for the high level of absenteeism and  possible approaches to attempt to reduce absenteeism. This interview is not to be considered a disciplinary interview or hearing; however, the employee may have his/her representative present.

3.  If the absenteeism is deemed excessive and the record has not improved, a second discussion will take place with the employee's representative present to warn the employee of the consequences of excessive absenteeism. The employee will be given notice that continuation of excessive absenteeism will result in disciplinary action.

     Several interviews may take place in order to follow established progressive disciplinary procedures (i.e. verbal warnings, written warnings, suspensions and terminations). When disciplinary procedures are to commence, the administrator/supervisor is to advise the Human Resources Department prior to the interview with the particulars of the case.