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School District #62 (Sooke)



No.: E-155
Effective:  Apr. 11/95
Revised:  Sept 13/05; Mar. 28/06


Administrative officers, managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that any situation of harassment is dealt with immediately in accordance with this Policy, and any provisions of applicable Collective Agreements as well as the B.C. Human Rights Code.

In order to eliminate sexual harassment, the Board of School Trustees has adopted this Sexual Harassment Policy.  The main objective of this policy is to prevent sexual harassment.  The Board expects that all students and employees will adhere to the Policy by refraining from engaging in sexual harassment, that all its employees will provide positive role models to the students in their care, and that employees and students will give appropriate support to individuals who are being sexually harassed.  Administrative Officers, managers, and supervisors have additional responsibilities as agents of the Board to protect students and employees from sexual harassment and to deal effectively with it when a situation arises.

A written complaint may be filed with a Supervisor, Administrative Officer or Board Official.  The Human Resources Department shall be notified of the complaint.

If the Board determines that an investigation is warranted, a settlement meeting between the parties shall be convened to seek resolution.  Either party may bring representation to this meeting.

If either party refuses to participate in this settlement meeting or if due to the particular circumstances it is determined that a settlement meeting is not appropriate, the Board will conduct a formal investigation and advise all parties of the conclusion, subject to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation.

In cases where sexual harassment may result in the transfer of the employee, it shall be the harasser who is transferred, EXCEPT that the harassee may be transferred with that employee's consent.


1.      The Board and those involved in the complaint process on its behalf will maintain confidentiality throughout the complaint process to the extent possible under the circumstances.  Personal
         information pertaining to a complaint will not be disclosed except as required by law.
2.      Failure to maintain confidentiality may result in the Board taking disciplinary action.
3.      If the Board determines that the safety of an individual is at risk the procedures and rights outlined in this policy, including confidentiality, may be set aside.
4.      With the exception of letters of discipline or censure, all records related to the complaint in any way will be held in the strictest confidence in a file separate from an employee’s human resources file
         in Human Resources.