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School District #62 (Sooke)

No.: E-241
Effective: Jan. 13/81
Revised: Dec. 11/90


The Board recognizes the necessity of leave of absence in certain situations, and its desirability, for various reasons, in other circumstances. The granting of leave of absence is affected by a number of factors, and in reviewing leave requests, the following factors, where applicable, are considered:

1.      Applicable legislation, i.e. Employment Standards Act.

2.      The Collective agreement between School District No. 62 and the Sooke Teachers' Association.

3.      School District Administrative Regulations specifying terms and conditions of leave.

4.      The circumstances of a special request not covered by one of the above.

5.      Impact on the educational program in the district, including replacement staffing possibilities (where long-term leave is requested). Leave of absence for one school year or longer will normally be from the teaching staff of the district, rather than from a specific school or position.

The Superintendent of Schools has the authority to approve leave within the terms of reference outlined in Administrative Regulations and may delegate this authority to the Director of Instruction - Education Personnel.