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School District #62 (Sooke)



No.: E-530

Effective: Nov. 22/83

Revised: July 11/89; May 14/91; Apr. 22/97




The Board of Education agrees with the evidence that smoking poses a threat to the current and future health of individuals.  It also recognizes it has the responsibility as an educational agency to provide programs and initiatives which will help prevent the start of smoking and to assist in the cessation of smoking behaviours.  As an employer, the Board also believes it has a responsibility to provide a smoke‑free work environment. 


The Board acknowledges regional and federal regulations that restrict the use of tobacco products by young people and prohibit the possession of burning tobacco in workplaces and educational institutions including school yards. The Board will support enforcement of applicable Capital Regional District Bylaws in all buildings, property, and vehicles under the jurisdiction of the school district.


In view of the above, the Board wishes to promote all efforts that will lead to smoke‑free environments throughout the district.