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School District #62 (Sooke)





No.:  F-502

Effective: Feb. 28/06

Revised:  Sept. 24/13; Oct. 2/18

Reviewed: Oct. 2/18




1.        The Board will make available an educational program to all persons of school age in British Columbia who enroll in the district.

2.        The Board may assign and reassign students to specific schools.

3.        The Board may, in accordance with any terms and conditions specified by the Board, permit a person who is older than school age to attend an educational program or to enroll and receive instruction in an educational program sufficient to meet the general requirements for graduation.

4.        Each school, with the exception of Juan de Fuca Distributed Learning (JDFL), BYTE and District Academy Programs, shall have a designated catchment area.  Additionally, each school offering French Immersion programing shall have defined catchment areas specific to the program.  Schools with multiple programs may also have specific catchment areas.

5.        Boundary areas for catchments will be reviewed by the Board as required.

6.        For each school year, the Superintendent or designate may establish a date by which an application to enroll a person in an educational program must be received by the Superintendent or designate for the purposes of this policy.  The Superintendent may establish different dates for different grades, educational programs, or schools, based on the categories of catchment area, non-catchment area and non-school district.

7.        Parents requesting a change of school for their child will be required to complete a school change form available from schools or from the District Web site (

8.        Prior to approving school change requests, the receiving principal shall:

    1. consult with the principal of the neighbourhood school and, if it seems appropriate, refer the parent to the neighbourhood school principal for further discussion.
    2. be satisfied that the student can be properly accommodated in the grade and/or program.
    3. be satisfied that sufficient space will remain in the school to accept any new registrations from students resident in the school’s neighbourhood.

9.            If the Superintendent or designate determines that space and facilities are available at the school in which the educational program is made available, a person whose application was received by the Board by the date established is entitled to be considered for enrolment in that educational program in the following descending order of priority, as established by the School Act:

    1. A catchment area child who, in the previous school year, attended the school at which the educational program is made available.
    2. A catchment area child with siblings currently attending.
    3. A catchment area child.
    4. A non-catchment area child.
      1. with siblings previously registered in the school
      2. who have Day Care arrangements in the School catchment area
      3. any other requests
    1. A non-school district child.

10.     If the Superintendent or designate determines that space and facilities are available at the school in which the educational program is made available, a non-school district child referred to in #9 is entitled to enroll in an educational program in priority to a school district child whose application was received by the Board after the date established for applications.

11.     If two or more persons have the same priority category, the persons have, as between themselves, priority according to the date and time established under the above process.

12.     For the purposes of this policy, a person’s residency is determined as of the date that application to enroll is submitted to the Superintendent or designate.

13.     For students accepted to a school outside their own catchment area parents/guardians are to assume full responsibility for the transportation of the student to and from school and any related extra supervision requirements.

14.     Once a transfer is granted, the student may not be able to return to the catchment area school during that school year.

15.     The Board shall incur no additional costs as a result of the approval of any transfer application.

16.     Appeals of decisions made with regard to this policy are governed by Policy C-350.